Monday, September 26, 2005

Bingx is correct....sadly

Yah man, there are certainly not so nice bits, but the not nice bits wait for me to take pics first, then i'll bitch to u guys about it. Hahaaa...for example,跟我同住一间房的美国人 is a faggot. Damn fussy loh. They should put him through NS man. Next time i take picture then I show u guys, i haven't taken yet so far for the same reason I wouldn't really take a picture of kjk. hahahaa......He is the most ridiculously prissy sissy I've ever known loh. I call him the sissy fusspot. But for convenience sake on this blog, I shall refer to him as faggot. Haha...I suspect he's a closet gay too. Damn scary lah. My fren was telling me this horror story about how some gay guy who has been chloroforming his roomate everynight after he sleeps and raped him after that. So the poor guy wakes up having a headache everyday and only found out why after he went to a doctor. sheesh.

aNWways for some entertainment before my class @ 11, I shall post some pictures of our favourite strip artiste! Xie Zi Yang! Pity the only thing he has in common with Fiona Xie is his surname. Oh well, that's just life. But it'll be pretty gross if he has boobs like her huh? Bleah.......

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The big question, why does ziyang go to bed especially early? And he HAS to announce it to the whole world that he's going to sleep? I really think he enjoys getting stripped. Prolly gets a high from it. haha.

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The guys doing the most natural thing that follows next. Dirty their own eyes. sheesh. wot were they thinking?

Ok, that's all for today folks. Yes johnny, any picture of singapore right now would really cheer me up. But upskirts are especially cheery. =p

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Heavenly Drain Water Chicken said...

Hello Sunshinee.. I just realize ur blog is now overflowing with posts n pics... Sweet! hope to see some Umich girls in your next posting...Better make that, Lots of Umich girls.. Hell Yeah!