Tuesday, September 06, 2005

OtheR non-skanky pics....snicker snicker*

This is where T.I.P.S. was born...RI 1E!!!! Under the watchful eyes of Tau Pok, Tau Kwa and Tau Gay!!! hahaaa...I wonder how she is...

Was this in 1998? Sheesh...who still looks so innocently happy now? ALL OF US!!! hahaaa...=p

2E and our dearest LPL! See that chongyi trying to harass me even in a picture? argh...i miss chongyi...hahahahaa WHAT ON EARTH did i just say?!!?!! That monster of a lardball then weighs less than me now can u believe it!? How the skinny...I mean great have fallen. hahahaaa

Was it lunch break time?

Remember the headmaster with a bushy mustache? On his very first speech...AUSPICIOUS Melioris Aevi!!!! I hope RI rugby isn't as lousy as it was after he took over...auspicious indeed huh? hahaaa...
We were doing out science project on teeth right?! Cutting the little areolar like circles. heh. =p No wonder Bingx is so happy. hahaa....then again...so does everyone...heh...
Wait wait!!! Let me cover him first!!! I dun wanna crack the lens!!! Juz kidin =p

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