Monday, September 26, 2005


haha... i concur... :P okie... itz my virgin post here, was intending to post here a loOng time ago, budden culdn't really tink of wat i can say? NTU's really darn boring manz... *excuses* of course, i could post some nice pics of the gardens here in NTU, if anyone's interested, but tink it'd be betta if we went Chinese Garden to loOk at the flora and fauna instead... :P okok... wil muz take pix of boobsy ang mo buz yeah? and prolly chio gals frm ur sch also... muahaha... if possible, go file ur version of the American pie there, then send it back so the rest of us here can go "running" agn... :P

righto... tink i'll go sch and attempt to take a few nice fotoz in sch... sianz... y can't my sch be as happening as urz?! SMU is loads more happening lor... argh!~!

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