Thursday, November 03, 2005

Still not able to pia for exams yet..

haha.. poor johnny.. i need to start muggin my ass off for exams also but now trying to rush papers that are due soon. so i'm like stuck in chinese library reading books on chinese arts. sucks.
recently went out with my fac pple for halloween dinner.. nothing very happening la.. just dinner at marche and hang out a bit. haha. yeah.. before everyone start mugging again. some shots from the outing. enjoy!

RJ gang.. haha.. some of the peeps from RJ in pharmacy.. none from our batch tho.

more pharm people. we were supposed to be dressed in orange and black today. hehe

yuantai as the phantom SAF soldier. haha. became poster boy for all the girls to take picture with. *grin*


fattybombom said...

one of my frens here dressed up in a chicken suit and had korean chicks coming up to grind him and take pictures with him....u guys should try that next time. ahhahaa

fattybombom said...

Eh...On second look, your fac got 1-2 cute girls wot...why are u all complaining? UNLESS that's all there is already...then...erm...hahahhaaaa

tokimeki said...

haha.. mebbe expectation too high lah! *grin* ok la.. there's a few more.. so mebbe not THAT bad.

Anonymous said...

wah... intro!~! all the ppl here in my fac are PRCs... *sobz* ok lah... not all... mebbe 50%... but... haiz...*ALpHaBiTz*

tokimeki said...

haha... johnny which one u wanna intro? the big problem is chio ones are all taken.. not chio one u want meh?! sad truth of life. =P