Wednesday, December 07, 2005

exams over;)

ring in the christmas bells~! jing-a-ling~!
haha am not surprise that there's eye candy over there. we are kinda starved of eye candy here. send over some leh wil. recently the available eye candy are also dropping like flies out of our chart coz of one reason or another. and i kinda feel that rj girls (at least pharmers) dont have very good attitude. (understatement) oh well. not all rj bu are like that?
anyway. hols have been pretty useful. not fantastic. but useful. spending time to recharge and reorg. yeap. catching up with ppl. (my ex) nah. nothing on there. i'm on a one year vow not to get attached.;) when are u coming back wil?

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fattybombom said...

I'm coming back on 21st dec. we're going out on 26th dec. Don't forget to let us know if you can make it once u know your ophir schedule yeah?