Monday, December 12, 2005

warming the house!

3 of us went over to johnson's new place in sengkang for housewarming. super new man.. even the lift still had like the plastic wrap on its walls.
lesson to be learnt. check the correct train before jumping on the LRT. coz i ended up completing the entire Sengkang LRT system even tho johnson's stop was like 1 stop away from the main terminal. champion. *grin*
ended up playing naruto and like GTA on the PS2.. haha.. kind of fun. GTA is like some super vice game with vulgarities and super criminal kind of concept. haha.
anyway.. pics from the party.. sort of. =P more happening than zoukout man! haha.

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fattybombom said...

Naruto on PS2! I want to play!!! Can we go there again when I'm back?! Eh...but johnson, when did you move? I remember last time u told me u bought liao...