Saturday, January 28, 2006

Happy CNY TIPS!~!

haha... the title says it all... Happy CNY dudes!~! us rats are gonna haf a lucky year liao, or so the famous cheena horoscope man says on TV... hopefully we can all get wadeva our hearts desire this year? now that we haf the blessing frm our dearest yu4 huang2 da4 di4, all we hafta do is to put in a 'lil amt of effort to make things work... lol i wan great grades and lotsa $$$!~!

P.S.: was typing the title of the entry just now... tot our organisation name (TIPS) sounds/looks really like the word TITS... hmM... mebbe we're all lustful old men afterall... nice... :X


fattybombom said...

Hahahahaa....if all get good grades then our bell curve isn't gonna be very bell isn't it? hahahaa...oh wait, the girls in your school year aren't rats eh? hehehe...but they are roaring tigers....hehehe...i can see johnny's thought bubble, imagining them in tiger print hot shorts....=p

tokimeki said...

muahaha.. they are tigers??! i didn't realise. darn.. no wonder gettin murdered in the bell curve. well.. gd luck to everyone in the dog yr! and huat arh!