Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy Nude Year to us!~!

yupz... itz the new year agn!~! come to tink of it, we've known each other for like 9 years le? (since jan 1997) and since the establishment of T.I.P.S. in 1998, the organisation has grown frm strength to strength... we started out in the info-comm sector, handling was then known as tips, then we started branching into the film industry (still remember the jogging sessions at the wil's track in Yishun?)... we're currently playing the exploration and adventuring market, going outfield even after 2+years of outfields... mebbe we should start making virtual gowns (preferably not green black with a tinge of white) and assemble online every wedns (invite the PM if possible)... lol, just laming arnd... :P

yupz... realised i haven't been very active in here, but i'll try to be more onz this year (itz part of my new year resolutions)... *lol* just wanna wish u guys a Happy 2006? work hard and play hard, all the best in the year ahead? okie... JS out

P.S.: i dun really mind the drinking trip, but itz most likely we wun get everyone's confirmation by tuesday... we could prolly meet up somewhere at happy hour timing after sch starts this week? then drink awhile and get home on the last train or smth... keep me informed yeah?

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