Saturday, January 14, 2006


Haahaaa...yes yes...I know I'm supposed to be in Toronto right now but our group got kicked~whoosh (according to the sound effects of the customs guy) at the border. So happens that Canada requires Malaysians to apply for a visa before entry and one of my friends is Malaysian. Oh well.

It was a pretty weird misadventure. Alvin almost knocked over three people at the customs gate and the customs woman was screaming her head off at him. haha. And apparently my I20 number didn't match the white card coz the slacker immigrations guy at the New York customs didn't update the number properly. Luckily I didn't do anything wrong.

Ok, I'm supposed to be leaving for Chicago in 10 mins time. That is if Alvin didn't go back to sleep after I called him. haha. Which I highly suspect he did...

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