Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Last day... =p

Muahahahaa....It's the last day of the long weekend in Singapore! Muahahaha...Finally...I've been sloggin my guts out here, no CNY holiday somemore. heh. =p But CNY celebrations were great fun! I shall post pictures soon. U guys should too!

That aside, I read this:
"everyone has more or less the same kind of troubles, relationships, studies' stress, uncertain future."
on a friend's blog today and was thinking about the uncertain future part. I think it would be reassuring to know that one would have a decent future ahead, but imagine, if the future was really cast in stone, wouldn't it be terrifying? There'll be much less to look forward to, except to live your future out. Uncertainty versus a certainly secure future. I would have chosen the latter a few years back, but it's precisely that which drove me to come overseas. So I really don't know now. Haha...What about u guys?

Ok, a preview of my CNY pics, we spent the whole night decorating the place man...can't see much here, got another level somemore...


ALpHaBiTz said...

oOh... who's that gal in the pic... looks kinda cute frm far... u've got a close up shot?!?!? muahaha...
bt the stone cast future thingiez, my view is that u can't really say ur future's really secure for sure now bah, wat we can do now is to mug our arse out, and pray that somehow or other our stars will align and the constellations will guide us in to a bright future? (crap)
anyway, my pt is... betta not to worry so much abt the future now, main thing's to make sure that we dun screw up the present? then when u look back at ur past in the "future", u can gif urself a pat on the back and congratulate urself for attaining the bright "future" cuz u didn't screw up in the "past"... gosh... wat am i saying... nm... anyway, Happy CNY!~! huat arh!~!

P.S.: wil, remember to get a close up shot of the cute gal in black in ur CNY foto!~! :X

tokimeki said...

u sound super depraved man. haha. but i guess our trademark picture at the top of the main page kinda explains it all anyway. =P

fattybombom said...

Yah man....hahaha...the next post then i shall post her picture lah
hahahaha....she's called seline. singaporean girl, 19 years old. dancer. hahaha....i can see johnny boy drooling already loh