Sunday, January 15, 2006

nzj & his search for a marathon

Like if I find a someone special here, this marathon will ceast to exist.
Because no matter how long the journey is, it would be like a stroll in the
park with your lover.

How I agree with that. Was asking a number of my friends what are guys and gals thinking of in their first year in uni and the general answer was, for guys: BGR; for gals: not BGR. And my mindset just happen to fit into that average group too. Possibly I'm trying to shorten the perceived length of my marathon in university too.

How am I suppose to find the right person again? Will I have the balls to jio the gal whom I think is the right one? Will the relationship have the chance to withstand the test of time & change & age?

Maybe I'm thinking too much. Maybe I'm taking too much time to get over some stuffs. Maybe I'm too addicted to having a companion.


fattybombom said...

eh, how do u get addicted to having a companion when u haven't had one for quite some time? or have u been hiding stuff from us u lil slut!? =p

eh, girls not BGR? that;s not wot i heard, i heard girls in uni start to realise they are getting on in years once they hit 21 and they start looking for partners and some even get desperate. true is it? or does it differ school to school?

nzj© said...

hmm... now when i mean "companion" i mean "friends"; ie, guys and gals alike. used to be able to enjoy the sense of lonliness; now no more.

well, i sure hope that the situation here is as you described. but i'm not very hopeful... hahahaiz...