Monday, January 23, 2006

Sorry for flooding the blog =p

Hahaa...sorry johnny boy. I talk alot of nonsense, that's why I always flood this place. heh.

U guys haven't seen a pic of my new apartment yet right?

Here's a picture of what I see when I look out of my window. From this angle everything kinda looks bleak and grey huh? with everything else in life, it's always about perspective isn't it?
I laid on my bed and was slacking around, I looked up and surprise surprise...How much a different the same window can look just by trying a different angle.

Ok, my photographic skills aren't fantastic, but it did look pretty beautiful from my bed...heh.

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kidd05 said...

Hahaha I'm glad I managed to brighten your stay in Ann Arbor with bak kwa! Lol :) Better savor it slowly... Eat one piece a month! Haha! Actually ah, only about 3 more months till we return to SG. Quite fast leh.