Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Why do I always dream of food?


I just had a terrible dream. I dreamt I was having a buffet party at home and there was so much food that I was eating worst part is that I woke up at the end wanting to eat something good but there's nothing to eat. Sigh. I shall go make some bread and pork floss and pretend it's pork floss bun. haha. Luckily the customs guy didn't catch my luggage. My friend's pork bah kwa kena confiscated, gave her back her chicken bah kwa though. Odd...So remember, if U get caught bringing stuff over here, say it's chicken.

I was lying in bed and so many thoughts were running through my mind I decided to pen some down before I go brush teeth and drink tea and go for my morning lessons. I've got FOUR 830AM lessons this term again. Hai. I was so hoping to get a better timetable like school start at 1030AM kind? Sigh.

Studying overseas to me is like running a marathon. Going though each term is like completing a lap of my marathon. U get so tired of running alone that you really feel like stopping. Both stopping for a break and stopping the marathon altogether to look for your friends and go have fun somewhere. BUT I've come so far that it'll be such a waste not to complete the marathon, so I don't think I'll ever stop untill I complete the marathon. It's like I know I should focus on completing the marathon and running a good race, focus on studying hard and get good grades, but similar to running a marathon, there's always inertia after taking a break.

Okay. Gotta go. My roomate says the lecture hall seats fill up real fast.


tokimeki said...

haha.. that's quite a screwed up timetable. mine's pretty bad too la.. so i know what u mean man. =P yah.. better complete this 'marathon'.. no more turning back. heh. time will fly and soon it'll be over la. try to enjoy it while it lasts.

fattybombom said...

Hhaahhaa....I'm trying to find things to enjoy lah...yeah....but it's hard when it's a village. ahhaa