Thursday, February 23, 2006

1st concert in a decade!!!

Man...I just realized I haven't watched a concert in almost a decade man. The last time I watched was in sec 1, which means I was only 13 and I'm 22 this year! Guess I usually don't have anyone to go concerts with that's why. Heh. Pity I couldn't catch the 五月天 before I left Singapore. I think they would have put up a really good live performance. Some bands are just very good live ya know? heh.

Anyways, I went for the Coldplay concert last minute, right after my last midterm today! Well, last midterm till after Spring break. Heh. Chris Martin has a really good voice and it sounded like they were playing a CD. Haha. Plus, the guitar was GREAT! I never really listened to the guitars and drums untill Chicken recommended me this guitar Anime. heh. And Chris Martin looks like a BeeGees now man, dunno he how many years never cut hair liao. When the concert first started, I frankly couldn't see shit lah, coz they are so far away and so small, then I tot Detroit so low-tech, dun have the big big screen where u can see the performers up close? Like wot we usually get in Singapore? Even 10 years back? Haha. Then it turns out they only switched on the screen later on, and the effects were really cool. They had really good graphics and psychedelic colours which I suppose is a trademark of Coldplay, like the one below:

Didn't bring my camera coz too last minute. First time in a Jaguar at 90 miles/hr on a freeway in USA! haha. ok, that's just silly. the roads here seriously suck. so bumpy, even sitting in a Jag wasn't that satisfying. Or maybe my housemate was just driving too fast. haha.
No Coldplay pic but got Coldplay concert ticket pic. heh

k, it's 335 am here, gonna shower then watch bleach and sleep in till 12 on a thursday coz no class. heh. Yay! =)


ALpHaBiTz said...

wah... ttz like a frigging 56USD tix lah... frigging rich lehz u... lol

tokimeki said...

but it's coldplay man..
like.. coldplay!!

fattybombom said...

hahaha...actually i bought it for like 68...oops...hahahaa....don't tell my daddy... =p