Saturday, February 04, 2006


An innocent picture of girls wishing each other Happy CNY?........

..........NOT! Hahaha...Listen up!
This is the secret behind the minimum 3.8 GPA of Singaporean Engineers!

They are actually two brilliant scholars playing 猜啊打啊,猜啊打啊, 我们 sally sally lom chum pass! HAhaaha...Now we know the secrets behind getting a scholarship and GPA. Must play this game! The SAFOS scholar standing beside there quietly trying to pick up the skill of 猜啊打啊 is testament to the fact that this game raises your GPA! (Not that he really needs the game though, I heard they have their own secret training game which goes something like 二零五。。。Pity there aren't enough SAFOSes here to show us. =/ The rules of the game are difficult mind you, u need a great deal of mental fortitude to succeed at this game. Non scholar peasants like me and you can never fathom the true reason why 20 year old girls and guys play this. Don't underestimate them. =p)

Moving on, this is another picture of the place we decorated.

Nice right? heh.

Picture of the 猜灯谜。。。

Man with all the answers... =p

and no, unlike what some americans may mistake for, he was not gesturing up ur a** =p
Some early birds and the place we decorated upstairs.

Me taking pictures of the people making Yu case there happens to be a case of mass food poisoning, I'll have evidence to vindicate myself. hehee =p

The Yu Sheng was really good lah. Now that no one kena lau sai, I can safely proclaim that I had a part in making the tasty sauce. Heh. Eh...Val, opening the bottle cap and pouring the plum sauce into the mother big container is no easy feat ok? There could have been 101 things that went wrong ok? Oh crap...I just realised I put up incriminating evidence that no one used gloves when coming in direct contact with food. We r gonna get a D SG rating loh. =P's a picture of my table...


I think the CNY committee must have done a really good job this year man...Here's an example of a very enthusiastic participant in our Yam Seng! and Lou Yu Sheng. We need more people like you Amy. =p

Ever since I saw a cow eat a biscuit scented plastic wrapper when I was 8, I've had this sneaky suspicion that cows eat everything and anything...Guess I finally got an answer 12 years later.
Happy Cow......

......eats everything!

Man...Wot on earth did u put inside there? Sheesh...I tot u only ate vegetables...

More pictures of the guys and girls at the event...
Nominal picture of a SAFOS, just in case next time he becomes CDF or something =p

J&J with their “Let's sandwich whoever takes picture with us!" pose. Heh.

Ok ok, here's what you guys have been waiting for...Especially for Johnny boy. The GIRLS! =P

I specially make the pictures bigger for u ok? hahaha...

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The girl that Johnny wanted a close-up for...

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Girls of the CNY Comm...

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Pretty right? Hahaha...Forget it man guys....Her boyfriend drives a Jaguar...haha...

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My housemate...who also happens to the the owner of the Jaguar...haha

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My favorite ex-english classmate. hehe...

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We had KTV, 4D, Blackjack, Texas Holdem, Mahjong...U name it...yeah...heh...and of course, CNY GOODIES!

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And to my favourite blog stalker Olivia =p, this is the person I was talking about whom I think kinda looks like u and was from ACJC too...Was she the one that U were telling me about? U told me someone told U there's someone who looks very much like U in ACJC in your year?

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We had a KTV competition and everyone was just staying there to listen.

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The fans

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The Idol
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This was taken at 430 am...Yes...The crowd was still there....
Image hosting by Photobucket

Me at 530am...hahahaa...
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To my dear friend with bad hair and can't spell her name properly, it was tiring...but it was fun...Even though I'm in AMERDIKA! =P

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