Friday, February 24, 2006


haha.. just like tai.. here's a post to remind everyone that i'm still around. heh.
reading and following the blog quite regularly but guess i'm not much of a blogger myself. haha. =P
thanks to wil and all e others for blogging and keeping this site freshly updated and interesting. =)
well.. mid sem break just came to an end and a lot of midterm tests coming up followed by the exams. this is where it gets downhill i suppose.
well.. we managed to get a lil pharm sentosa outing during this break.
here's a group pic. u can spot me and tai in there. heh.

was rather fun as u can see. had a good time. heh. =)
could have done with more gals tho. too few came. haha.
tho we managed to spot some gorgeous babes doing a photo shoot on the beach (which i later found out to be ms singapores) as well as felicia chin!

before the sentosa, i did like 2 field trips. one to p. ubin and the other to asian civilisation museum. interesting but also a bit boring i muz say after a while.

this one is from ACM.. very dark inside.. can't use flash.. so no gd pics.

ah.. the familiar tekong spider. heh.


fattybombom said...

Eh, your pharm pple like quite fun and outgoing ah? Looks like fun wor...I want!!! hahaha...

tokimeki said...

haha.. yeah! this is the fun bunch! =)
well.. it's only abt 14 pple who came to this outing.. so that is abt 10-20% of the cohort. which leaves a lot of ppl who didn't come. =( hopefully can psycho them soon into putting down their books and coming out for fun. haha.