Monday, March 06, 2006


又是一部看似简单,peaceful,但并非如此的戏。一个非友情、非爱情的复杂关系。两人第一次的偶就如此火烈;第一次离别就如此心酸;明明非常舍不得,但还是不肯说出来。Heath Ledger在另一方离去时跑去小巷猛打墙壁与哭泣的那一幕非常有visual impact。

“I wish I knew how to quit you”
这就是他们心里最佳的写照。我相信这也是这部戏最经典的一句话了,就连李安今天上台领奖时都不尽说了这一句。可惜的(或许可幸的),这部戏以悲剧收场。Jake Gyllenhaal去世的一幕其实是一个很好煽情的地方;可是它特别就在于它的轻描淡写。一不留意,就很可能会遗漏其中的details。



(Really had to post this in Chinese. Else won't do the review justice... Ha.)


fattybombom said...

wow...where was this review taken from? Makes me wanna watch the movie. I dlded the movie already but only skimmed through it coz it seemed pretty slow...yeah. U guys watched it already?

tokimeki said...

i haven't watched it.. dun tink i will.. i mean like WTF??! haha =P sorry.. not my cup of tea man.

nzj© said...

hmm. think u misunderstood the last sentence. it's a review by yours truely~ :D muahaha. this time the feeling and 灵感酝酿 inside me (i posted that 3 days after watchin the movie) and it became so strong that i really have the urge to vomit them out. think one wld be able to concentrate better when he's in the cinema. the silence; the darkness; the ambience. it allows you to sink into the setting much faster and forget abt the slow pace.

fattybombom said...

hahahaaaa....i was wondering which chinese mag would publish a review w english words like details and credits mixed in them! do u still write often in chinese? man, u've still got the standard. i can only throw out random cheng yu and su yu only....haha

nzj© said...

haha. still got standard? you shd see me tryin to talk to the Chinese in my dance group. it's ji dei ji dei (one piece one piece) with the english words in the midst. think they really have a hard time trying to understand. haha.

fattybombom said...

Haahaha...writing is very different from speaking i guess...But i would say that among TIPS u've always been the most huaren...slippery man =p with the best chinese. haha.