Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Man! I'm so FUCKING PISSED OFF NOW I could burst a vein! The FUCKIN Secretary of State office is FUCKING RIDICULOUS! They needed proof of my address before I can take the stupid written driving test and they wrote on their website that bank statements/bills/etc are acceptable. So I grabbed the latest envelope from my bank and walked all the way to the stupid bus terminal to take the bus to the godforsaken place in the middle of nowhere and they tell me my bank letter is not acceptable coz it's not a bank statement per se with all the transactions and stuff. I'm like WOT DA FUCK ARE U FUCKIN talkin about?! WHY DA HELL would it make a FUCKIN DIFFERENCE if my letter from the bank has my full name and address when it comes to simply takin the FUCKIN WRITTEN TEST?! I'm not even applying for the license yet! Fuckin ridiculous fuckers. Made me wait so long somemore. Fuck u all man! Waste my fuckin time. Not everyone is so fuckin free like U fuckin slackers at the SOS.


Anonymous said...

fwahhaha. that's a lot of "fucks" in one posting man. yeah. fuck the SOS

fattybombom said...

haha, is anon=possumboy? Anyways, I am usually not that vulgar lah(at least on the outside =p).
Really pissed off coz I have a midterm and two assignments due the next two days. Really pressed for time and those fuckers come and give me this kinda nonsense. yeah.

::Child of Eden:: said...

hahaha... ur fucking post follows some rhythm... i can hum a tune from ur post..


fattybombom said...

Hahahaa...alritey, I'll sing a special F song for u when I go back to SG k? hahahaa....to the tune of i'm too sexy....muahahahaaa =p