Friday, March 24, 2006

Mr Lonely... . ...Akon

Hmmmmm...I dunno why, but I was so looking forward for my last exam this week to end so that I can have a fun weekend (not thinking about the exam next week), but thursday is finally here yet I don't feel relaxed or as relieved I thought I'd be. I was in the shower earlier and this song by Akon just suddenly popped into my mind...

Lonely I'm Mr lonely,
I have nobody,
to call my owwwn
I’m so lonely,
so lonely
I’m Mr Lonely
I have nobody,
to call my owwnnn
I’m so lonely

No Johnny boy, the song didn't pop into my mind because I was wishing that some nubile young maiden suddenly appear in the shower with me (though I don't mind =p). And don't be mistaken, I'm not really feeling lonely because I am an anti-social and have no friends here or something along those lines...I think that loneliness is a state of mind. Yeah. My Psych textbook says that one of the essential needs of a human being is intimate disclosure to another. No, that does not mean going around Orchard road flashing your most intimate parts to people U hum sup kwais. haha. I'm sure u guys know wot I mean. Heh. The intimate disclosure part probably might be the cause of my state of mind. To be really honest(which is pretty rare of me), I don't think I've really "disclosed" myself to anyone for like the last 5 years or so? Long time man. Haha...Guess I'm too guarded. Oh well. hahahaa....Man...This sucks man, when I have no time, I complain I have no time, when I have time to rest, I think about this kinda nonsense. hahahahaa...Good luck for your exams! =)


ALpHaBiTz said...

oOh... disclosure's a good thing u know, tink nutting's getting into ur brainz while mugging, simply cuz u haf toO many things on it le... lemme help get the ball rolling... *rolls ball* u can erm... start the disclosure le... :X hmM... dunno why also, but i suddenly haf the urge to watch jue2 shi4 hao3 bra... :X

fattybombom said...

hahahaaa...that's quite a funny show...I miss watchin movies in the cinema, only watched one movie here so far....