Thursday, March 23, 2006


I learnt that the world is unfair in primary school, but I've always held on to the notion that somehow, some time in the future, the unfairness will be balanced out.

When someone who doesn't go for lectures, doesn't go for tutorials, or study for a midterm, still does consistently better than me (through copying in an exam, and I'm not being accusatory coz of sour grapes, he did copy, saw and heard with my own eyes and ears.), I really am wondering, is that the way to go to succeed in life and be happy? "Incorrect" behaviour? It's kinda discouraging too, when you study harder than that person, but don't do as well, not because his concepts are stronger, but because he copied and because of my carelessness. Sucks. I'm not saying that I wish he gets a lousy grade, but why is someone who doesn't work gets rewarded with good grades, but someone who puts in so much effort doesn't?

So since hardwork doesn't guarantee results, but cheating has consistently guranteed results, to get results, shouldn't I cheat as well? Damit.


tokimeki said...

dun get too upset over it la. i guess the most impt part will be self-contentment. at least u know u got ur grades thru ur own intellectual prowess and not some lowdown copying actions. there's no need to compare.. at least not to urself la. but it sucks if that grade is gonna b compared during interviews or what-not. haha.. let's da xiao ren then. *bish* *bish* da ni zhe ge xiao ren tou.. =P hui you bao ying de. but remember.. we were once tips too. hahahaha. *guilt*

fattybombom said...

Hahahahaaaaaa! Yes! U totally answered my qtn! We were once TIPS! Man! hahahaaa......those days were good. High scores on tests n stuff. hahahaa.....but we studied too lah, we just formed TIPS to get higher scores. totally forgot. =p