Friday, March 31, 2006


exams are coming!
oh ya zhengjie dyed his hair recently...funky boy!
yeap gotta start mugging, after that prepare for pharmacy camp. looks good man, we gona hold it at aloha loyang in the first week of july ie 3-6th. looking forward to that!


fattybombom said...

Howcome pharm like whole day so many outings and so many camps one?! I also want! hahahaaa

tokimeki said...

haha.. dun b mistaken.. it only happens when we push for it la. i guess if the few of us dun bother.. nothing will be happening. haha. =P yeah tai.. looking foward to it too. heh. though that's like the last thing on my mind with deadlines all round the corner. JIAYOU bro!

fattybombom said... u guys are happening eh!? awesome!
hahahaaa.....3 more hours.....bsch results will be out. the moment of truth....starting to get nervous....hmm....