Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Wild Cat RaWRrr!!!

WoOOoooHoOoOOoo!!! Just came back from Spring break! U guys must be wondering howcome Wilson suddenly disappeared right? heh. Yes Tai, I always post coz I'm very free. Hahahaa...That's utter nonsense lah. My laptop is at my study-table so I always post when I'm taking my little study breaks or when I should be studying but don't feel like studying like about NOW? hahaha...Still damn excited and happy from Spring break! =D

Part I of Spring break was at Wildcat Mountain 45 mins drive from D.C. I only just found out that D.C. stands for District of Columbia, yes yes, I know I'm very mountain tortoise. But anyway, here are the pics!!! I really dunno how to describe the experience man, it was just as the Americans always say, AWESOME!!! Got to know alot of people much better, saw the kuku side and crazy side of pple that I usually bump into around campus but don't really get a chance to know. yeah. Really really glad I went on this trip instead of like maybe a nice relaxing vacation to Bahamas or Florida. Not that those won't be fun, but the people on this trip RAWK!!!

To be honest, I joined ASB at first coz 1) it sounded fun and 2) the stupid Bsch admissions here require us to do comm service. Right before Spring Break, I was kinda worn out by a round of midterms and kinda regretted signing up for this rather than going for a relaxing week out on a florida beach or disneyland. BUT I'm so glad I joined man. =D One of my best breaks here so far. Of course, not discounting my trip to New York to meet Maria after that. I'll post pics of that another time. haha. Anyways, we went to Wildcat to build a trail, like those you see in MacRitchie reservoir? Now I know how tough it is just to build a simple little trail man. In addition, I learnt alot of things on this trip; like more about conservation and attitudes of ang mohs. I've always had this impression that ang mohs are all talk and no action, but seeing how people like Cathy and the Sladens live their lives, I was proven wrong. yeah. I don't really remember much of what happened, coz it was just so stressfree and fun I didn't really have to use my brain. ahahahahaa...Yes yes, I know some of you are gonna say I dun use my brain much anyway. hahaha =p Here are some pics.

Packin all our goodies into the car

Pic before takeoff!

In our MPV...the two brave girls who dared to come along with 8 other guys on this brokeback trip. Heh. The guy on the left is Tommy, an AC boy (GRrrr...Inner Rafflesian shakes fist...Voice in head goes "Remember when you were first invested as Rafflesians you swore not to ally with any AC scum? How dare you!" Hahaha....Kiddin, RI boys did no such thing =p). So Tommy's the Site-leader and he's a really cool, helpful and capable guy (he's my bsch senior so must put in some compliments when talking about him so that he can help me get a job after I graduate. Muahahahaa...aye, a 60k usd annual base pay job right after graduation is no joke you know? heheee) And yes, surprise surprise, the two smart and pretty girls in the picture are Siewjin and Valerie (From RGS and are scholars, must compliment also =p)

We drove 4 hours with a 1 hour Macs Breakfast break in between and still made it on time to Wildcat. Our trusty rides.
Above is a picture of the mansion the girls were supposed to stay in at first, while the guys were supposed to be relegated to the cottage...which happens be like twice the size of my apartment in Ann Arbor. haha....Really nice place, there's like a pool beside the cottage that overlooks the hill with a view of the mountain ridges...Ok ok, less talk, more pics...here's the cottage hahaa...
damn luxurious can? I was kinda expecting a SAFish campsite with soil and dirt and rusty metal pipes that give brown water. But look! This is where we were sleeping!!!
And the view from the window is simply breath taking man. U can see the reddish-orange sun set in the evening followed by a sky full of stars at night. Just like sleeping right out there in the field under the stars without the cold. Yeah.
Inside the mansion
Antique paintings...these painting were nice but coz they are so old it seems kinda freaky. The main house also had like dismembered dolls laid at the stairwell with their eyes dug out and stuffed snarling cats snarling at you right by the bedside and some rooms that look like the one they featured in the exorcist according to my friend. Haha. Someone also commented that Wildcat Mountain is near the area where the Blair Witch Project was filmed. Dunno how true that is though.
When at the house, we were greeted by Scott, who works for The Nature Conservancy. He gave us a heads up about the work of TNC and the history of the area and the Sladens. The Sladens are the generous family who offered us their luxurious homes for accommodation.
Group pic at the fireplace
The house was built 80 years ago at least if I dun remember wrongly. The occupants seriously must have travelled everywhere coz like there were so many ornaments from all over the world, like this lampshade and many other exotic statues...Here's a view of the sunset from right outside our cottage.

Jia Yong and Chun Tat, our ex-SSA president, and a view from our dining table...Notice the little tent outside? That's where our site supervisor stays. This lady named Cathy. Really passionate about conservation. Yeah. She comes from California which is like half the country away. Below is a picture of us having a nice ice cream supper at night in our pool house.
Haha...I realise I have too many pictures to post and I've decided not to post all at the time so here's a few more before I get started on my work. Yes guys, I DO have homework. In fact, alot fo it. Michigan is rated like 2nd after UChicago for workload. Sucks.
The beautiful view inspired our poser shot. heh.
The reason I called this the Brokeback trip earlier. =p
Briefing at the foot of the hill before our ascent.
The climb...which became our daily bread. heh.
bEAR! Damn friendly collie. heh
We went trekking after we completed our trail and had lunch by this mini-waterfall.
In the line of ASB duty...heh. sleeping during lunchtime lah. heh.
Don't ask me why Siewjin looks so grumpy here. I have absoltely no idea. haha. But she was really sweet lah. haha.
Ok, I shall go eat dinner now. Post more pics another time. So much work to do too...still in holiday mood. Miss all the fun of everyone living in one house. heh. Take care guys! U guys seem to be having alot of fun too!!! =D


nzj© said...

haha.. it's good to see that your hair has turned normal again. hope they aren't as un-manageable as you described the other time. was really wierd not seeing your entries for such a long time. glad u're back~ post more pictures!!!

tokimeki said...

looks real good man.. the lodging and all. wish i was there. haha.

wannabdoc said...

make full use of ur chance overseas eh,?:)so when is ur nxt break?

fattybombom said...

next break is summer...going europe before i head back to singapore...ehehhee...seriously ah, studying in heavy workload schools like mich, the only things to look forward to are the breaks

Houston said...

yo wil! having lots of camping adventures...don't u just miss the 02 scout days...haha! u look better with black hair...my brown colour doesn't seem to be going away! *lol* keep the pics coming!