Sunday, March 26, 2006


Man! This is like the highest point in my UMich school life so far! =D No, I'm not taking weed thank you. =p heh. I didn't drop my dance partner tonight! Yay! And the performance was GREAT! The audience was AWESOME! And it was simply AWESOME FUN! WooOoHoOOo! =D

I was kinda worried before we went in, but once on the stage, it was just PURE FUN! =D

Here are some preview pictures. =) Post more next time. =)

During rehearsal...Jerald tryin to look cool but ended up lookin like he's sleepin. hahahaa =p

The girls and guys getting ready...

Kaizen and Joanne, my dance partner who probably is damn scared of me by now considering I dropped her twice last night during rehearsal =p

Just found out that SIM, the surname of the tallest guy in the picture stands for S&M I am. ahahhaa =p


::Child of Eden:: said...

hehe.. now u eat all ur vege!!!!!

fattybombom said...

Haahahahaa...I've been eating all my veg anyways =p