Saturday, April 01, 2006

SEA Cult night performance.....

Here's some pics leadin up to the performance. Guess wot our performance was about? Heh.
Clue 1: We try to stuff tissue to make our brea...Ahem* chest look bigger
Clue 2: Some of our group members, erm...are very erm...happy...
especially in the little boys room...
Clue 3: It involves did not suddenly turn hot...
Clue 4: It involves the acrobatic skill of balancing on a row of classroom desks
Clue 5: It involves us raising our legs...erm...albeit not like an ostrich =p
Clue 6: does not involve hum sup army guys stuffin cash down our pants or up the girls skirts =p btw, I think that note belongs to me. haah
Erm...Before you guys start wondering if we are doing a pseudo thai show, I'd better stop giving out clues. hahaha....We did a chinese dance fusion with hip hop and retro. heh.
The testy boys(don't ask...just don't ask...=p)
In the retro part of our dance...we wanted to do square rooms can? hahaha
Post dance...yes, i know i look like a kuku bird there, but nice colors nevertheless. heh.
Our baby freeze...hahahhaaaa
Okay okay...i know this is wot u all have been waiting for, pics of the GIRLS!
Our ending dance pose
the girls pre-performance
In their costumes waitin...i think they are all scholars, if i'm not wrong. haha
Esther and Selene
me and our SEXAY dance instructress! She's damn hot when she dances lah, at the same time she's damn sweet can? Reminds me of my sister..... =)
Post dance bubble chillout at my place. heh.
Jerald cookin tom yam noodles... with the pot that erm...I took by accident from ASB =p
Hahaha...Christine looks damn cute and blur here can? haha. It's 230 am i think...yah. No wonder lah....
Okie dok. Enuff of that wonderful night. =)

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tokimeki said...

yesh wil.. u do know us well. hahaha.
looks so fun!