Monday, April 03, 2006

Thankful =)

I'm so glad I did so well for my second stats midterm. I really tot I screwed it up real bad. I am really really thankful, for getting into the bsch here, and doing unexpectedly well for my second midterm. I have been so slack this term, I'm much more motivated now to study. =) I'll start studyin after Chicken leaves tomorrow. heh. Will post pictures another day. 20 more days till my last exam! Yay! I dunno whether I should be happy the term is ending or that exams are nearing. Haha. Life is just like that ain't it? Tension of the opposites, just like from Tuesdays with Morrie. Life and girls are so damn weird I tell you. If anyone of you ever figure either or both of them out, please tell me. haha. I forsee I'll never get an answer to that. Heh. It's 349 am now. Gonna pontang my lecture tomorrow and bring Chicken to eat dim sum. heh. Night! Hope u guys are having fun in singapore! Eat more cheese prata! I miss cheese prata so so much!!! I'm gonna learn how to make it loh. the fish curry also. hehhee...

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