Monday, February 09, 2009

To love or not to love?

since my church pastor started the mini series on relationships, which seems like Marriage 101, I've really enjoyed every minute and learn lots of stuff from it. in this post i turn the focus onto the other side of the fence, people who choose to remain single for one reason or another. below is an article i found on online newsportal, and its thought provoking. do read.:)
Why some choose singlehood
FEB 14 is Valentine’s Day, and it is a good time for people to ponder the significance of this celebration and examine the reasons why some people prefer to remain single rather than get hitched.

People stay single for many reasons, and it is usually more out of circumstance than choice, although sometimes it can be a combination of both factors.

Here are a few reasons why some remain unmarried:

Bad experiences
Bitter experiences in the past, such as nasty quarrels and fights, divorce and the pain of being a single parent, might convince people to remain single.

Demanding parents
In Asia, it is not uncommon for parents to discourage their well-educated daughters from marrying men with lower educational qualifications.

Social mismatches
Men who are not well-educated and financially stable have problems finding local spouses, and if they are unable to find foreign brides with more modest expectations, these men might resign themselves to singlehood.

Filial piety
Young people may forgo marriage to look after their aged parents either out of filial piety or to accede to their parents’ demands.

Celibacy is a requirement for those who want to fulfil their vocations as priests, nuns or members of religious orders which require them to stay single.

Aside from the reasons cited above, there is a group of young people who would rather focus on enjoying life rather than marrying and settling down.
Many young, energetic singles live by the philosophy of “Work hard, play hard”.
Material comforts and pleasures are their main priority, and they have little time to think about marriage and children.

A drawback to this lifestyle is that they might find themselves without a companion when they reach old age.
For those who have taken a different route and are about to get married, they should cherish Valentine’s Day as a special day for them to express their love for each other through understanding, forgiveness, sacrifice and devotion.
There is no need for an external show of love through the presenting of expensive gifts.
Love is not measured by the monetary value of gifts, but by giving of oneself selflessly.
I wish all couples a happy Valentine’s Day.

Mr Nelson Quah, My Paper, Feb 09 2009

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