Sunday, June 28, 2009

1 month plus into new job

hey guys!
how are u peeps doing?
i'm into a month already into my job @ watson's as a trainee pharmacist...woah! time really flies man. now we all join wilson in the work force! (ok la bingx also counted as working...)
you guys free some time the coming week? maybe can meet up for dinner or something on wed or thur:)


fattybombom said...

orh ok. let me know. haha which watsons?

ALpHaBiTz said...

bleah... i only saw ur post now... not toO late for another meetup session though... :) anyone still up for it?
i tink we could probably go sign up for some activity together, like a run or smth... heard there's this night safari run coming up... any takers?